We have three fee structures;
  1. Standard Fee :
    5p per sq. ft. plus £35 drawing fee.
  2. A Fixed Monthly Fee :
    Here we charge a fixed fee regardless of how many instructions or the size of them that you have per month. This is based on the number of instructions you have and the size of them.
  3. A Fixed Fee Per Job :
    This is calculated as above but divided to give a fixed fee regardless of the size of the property.
Structures 2 & 3 are provided on the basis that we are your sole supplier of floorplans.


£195 per property or 8p per sq. ft. (whichever is greater)
£145 or 8p per sq. ft (whichever is greater) for any subsequent unit within the same building.

For all other services (leaseplans, fire regulation plans, alcohol plans etc.) please contact us, as the complexity of some of these services means that it is unfair to either party to give an estimate without additional information.

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